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Chol Makur was nine years old when the South Sudan SPLA forces took him deep into the Sub-Saharan bush to fight as a child soldier. Today, miraculously, after years of inconceivable challenges, he is a practicing doctor and leader of peace-building initiatives, who just earned admission into the most prestigious pediatric training program in East Africa. There’s one problem.

As a doctor in South Sudan, Chol rarely sees a paycheck for his dedicated service as a physician and the program, plus housing and food, costs nearly $25,000 per year, annually, for five years.  Here’s how you can help.

In 2011, after fifty years of civil war, peace and liberation arrived with the birth of the newest nation in the world, The Republic of South Sudan. But for Chol, and hundreds of thousands of his people, the struggle for basic survival continues as armed conflicts rip the country apart. One in four people have been displaced and the UN reports that over half of the population is in desperate need of food, water and medical assistance. South Sudan needs doctors like Chol more than ever.

UJENZI Founder, Dr. Thomas Burke, Harvard Professor and Director of Massachusetts General Hospital's Division of Global Health and Human Rights has dedicated himself to helping Chol realize his professional goals.  Seven years ago, Dr. Burke recognized Chol’s potential and dedication to become a doctor and now, continues to support his efforts to become one of the few, practicing pediatricians in South Sudan today.

As a nonprofit fiscal sponsor, Ujenzi applauds Chol Makur’s aspirations to help others. The organization will manage appropriate distribution of all monies raised.  100% of every donation goes toward these purposes.


You can help us, help Dr. Chol Makur, and aid the suffering children of South Sudan, 

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We are hoping to receive all donations by Sept 1st, when Chol's tuition is due.  

Dr. Chol Makur, Ujenzi, Dr. Thomas Burke and the children of South Sudan, thank you for your support.