Uterine Balloon Tamponade

Every second matters for mothers and babies - postpartum hemorrhage package with Uterine balloon Tamponade

By introducing and evaluating a postpartum hemorrhage package with ultra-low-cost uterine balloon tamponade embedded in underserved areas of Africa, the Division of Global Health and Human Rights at MGH is working to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity due to postpartum hemorrhage.

2.8 million Women die or become disabled word-wide every year from pregnancy related causes, with postpartum hemorrhage the number one cause. There is no greater inequality on earth. With support from the Ujenzi Charitable Trust, a solution was developed eight years ago and is called, “Every Second Matters for Mother and Babies – Uterine Balloon Tamponade” (ESM-UBT). ESM-UBT is an ultra-low cost solution that has been hailed as the “most important innovation saving women’s lives on the march to 2030”*. 

The research around ESM-UBT has triggered policy change in several countries and has been adopted as best practice by the World Health Organization. The ESM-UBT package has been deployed as a test case for global expansion for the poor through a market based approach, targeting the poorest of the poor. ESM-UBT is now saving lives every day in over 20 countries. (*World Bank, “Financing for Development”, meeting, July, 2015) 

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Medical Aid Films: How to use the uterine balloon tamponade

Uterine Condom Balloon

The MGH Division of Global Health and Human Rights has partnered with USAID, Gates, Norway, the UK, Canada KMET, PATH, UNICEF, Ministries of Health and others to train midwives, birth attendants, to use the condom balloon to stop postpartum hemorrhage, with the goal of making UBT an accessible intervention for uterine bleeding for every delivering mother in the world.

  To learn more about how the uterine balloon is saving lives, watch these short informational videos produced by True Story Media: 

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