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Respiratory distress is a significant cause of newborn morbidity and mortality. In fact, every year over five million newborns and infants around the world die before 28 days of life. Those that do not die but are permanently disabled is many times this. With support from the Ujenzi Charitable Trust, a highly innovative, ultra-low-cost best-evidence bundle of training, equipment, checklists, manuals, and wall charts called the “Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies™ - Newborn Respiratory Bundle” (ESM-NRB) was designed at AIHT together with Harvard polymer scientists, doctors, engineers, and global health entrepreneurs.

ESM-NRB harmonizes pulse oximetry and an innovative ultra-low cost bubble CPAP (able to precisely blend oxygen and air) to equip and train (with accompanying clinical checklists, wall charts, manuals) facility-based providers in Kenya and India with life-saving tools to address respiratory compromise associated with the leading causes of newborn mortality and morbidity. 

ESM-NRB is currently being implemented in western Kenya and India with superb results of lives saved and improved. ESM-NRB is expected to reduce newborn and infant mortality by 50% among participating facilities.

In July of 2017, with the support of Ujenzi, MGH, Division of Global Health & Human Rights, along with our partners from PATH, was awarded a validation grant from USAID Saving Lives at Birth (SLAB) for the ESM-NRB package.

Newborn on bCPAP in Kenya