ESM Ketamine


Five of the 7.3 billion people on our planet do not have access to emergency and essential surgery when needed, and often the primary reason is lack of access to anesthesia services. With support from the Ujenzi Charitable Trust a solution was invented at AIHT called, “Every Second Matters for Emergency and Essential Surgery – Ketamine” (ESM-Ketamine). ESM-Ketamine is an extremely disruptive and innovative solution and is essentially a safe “recipe” allowing emergency operations to proceed in cases when no anesthetist is available.  ESM-Ketamine has already facilitated over 1,000 operations that otherwise would not have been performed, among the poorest of the poor in Kenya,. Requests for expansion of ESM-Ketamine are rapidly emerging from several additional countries and regions, including from northern Canada.

MGH partners on this initiative with the Kenyan Ministry of Health and medical leaders, Unicef, Gates Foundation, UK Aid, Canada Grand Challenges, Government of Norway, USAID, among key stakeholders.