Our Mission

ujenzi noun Root 

1 architecture

2 construction, 


-jenga verb

 1 build

 2 construct

At the Ujenzi Charitable Trust, we support efforts to identify and build sustainable solutions to intractable health challenges in resource-poor communities. The Ujenzi Charitable Trust is named for the Swahili ujenzi, meaning to build or to construct. Ujenzi is committed to supporting the essential human right that all people have access to basic quality health care.
We exist to provide material support to programs where there is an opportunity for the highest return on the investment of every gift received from our donors.
Collectively, the initiatives Ujenzi helps support include:
  • local educators and innovators
  • capacity building programs that allow for transformation of sustainable healthcare delivery 
  • improving basic human rights, especially for women and children in vulnerable populations
We have constructed a nearly cost-free operational infrastructure to harness the generative power of the Internet in our campaign to engage a global community of potential donors and highly skilled volunteers. Our unique organization of global volunteers work together with minimal overhead and no management fees.


The Division of Global Health and Human Rights (GHHR) of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) collaborates with numerous partners from around the world to bring innovative, high-impact solutions to a wide variety of resource-scarce settings. 

We have partnered with the GHHR as they marshal the experiences and resources of the MGH community to create systemic change on health issues that affect the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in the world.

You may learn more about the work of GHHR by visiting >> www.MGHglobalhealth.org