Our Donors

We wish to thank our donors for their generous gifts which directly support efforts to build sustainable solutions to persistent health needs in resource poor communities.  

We greatly appreciate their contribution and we promise to aim for the highest return on the investment of every gift we receive.

Thomas Burke
Cunnington Family
Masimo Inc
Anita McGahan
Han Pham
Courtney Schaad
Lorraine Shamalla
Sonosite Inc
TCS World Travel 
Michael Tarello
Duncan & Sylvia Stewart
Jamie Higgins
Elisa & Jill Hannah
Karlson Family
Ann English
Joe & Ruthanne Fuller 
Craig Landes
Kevin Rossi
Iris Lee Bagwell
Linda B. Benaderet
Jasper M. Rosenberg
Michael F. Ryan
Hub & Andrea
Hanson Family

Christine Knox
Ariel Muller
B.B. Fitzer
Ann Prestipino
Diane Argyris & Family
Sarah Kaplan
Hambright Family
Kris Joshi
Stephen & Isabelle Roy