The Ujenzi Charitable Trust catalyzes transformation through innovation and collaboration. The world’s most pressing health and human rights challenges require innovative solutions brought about by committed communities of individuals, community groups, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and governments who share a moral imperative to act. 

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Recent News & Ongoing Programs

Low-Cost, High-Yield Innovations and Medical Technologies

Ujenzi's partners have been making major strides to bring affordable uterine balloon tamponade to as many healthcare sites as possible, worldwide. Watch these informative videos about UBT including striking testimonials from doctors and midwives who have used this technology successfully.

Ujenzi supports MGH's efforts to build healthcare leadership and emergency health services in this nation in transition. Read the front-page article in the American College of Emergency Physician News featuring Dr. Thomas Burke's work in Libya.

Read two national articles detailing the recent visit of leadership from Benghazi Medical Center to Boston and Seattle.

Harvard Health Transformation in Kisumu Kenya

Ujenzi supports "Innovating for health transformation in Africa"
Faculty: Thomas F. Burke, Roy Ahn, Ann Prestipino, Sean Flannery, Brett Nelson, Melody Eckardt, Bob Keith, Hanni Stoklosa, Nadi Kaonga, and Monica Oguttu

Students in the Harvard Summer Program in Kisumu, Kenya, explore diverse approaches for using innovations and technologies to foster transformative and sustainable healthcare improvements in Africa. Closely mentored student teams design, develop, and test their own innovations.

African governments are searching for ways to harness the power of science, technology, and innovation to foster transformation in healthcare delivery. Their strategies are being significantly influenced by the forces of globalization. International development agencies are similarly rethinking their approaches in light of the opportunities provided by rapid advances in science and technology.

Understanding the greatest challenges and opportunities for change will lay the foundation upon which the students will explore diverse approaches for integrating and adopting innovations and new technologies into a healthcare delivery system. The six-week intensive program, held on the campus of Great Lakes University in Kisumu, in western Kenya, will use an interdisciplinary approach and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in the design and implementation of innovations and technologies. It will demonstrate to the students that all innovations, as beneficial as they may be, must be integrated locally to be successful. To learn more about the program and learn how to enroll, please visit the Harvard Summer Program website.